County Working to Maintain Stray Dogs

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WASHINGTON COUNTY-- Stray dogs have become somewhat of a problem for Washington County residents. Many say they are tired of seeing the dogs around town, hiring animal control is not likely to happen.

Some Wausau residents are upset.

"I try not to mess with them because one of them one day came in my yard here and they started growling at me and I went back in the house," said Wausau resident Loyce Walsingham.

For residents, unruly dogs have always been an issue and they want it to stop.

"I just like people keep their dogs in their yard or either put them on a leash, if they are not in their yards. Put them on a leash or something because I don't want them running loose," Walsingham explained.

Wausau Council Mayor BJ Phillips says recent dog complaints are being addressed. He blames many stray and unruly dogs on people leaving their pets behind when they move out of town.

"We have some transit people, people that move in and move out periodically,” said Phillips. “Like every other town and some of them leave their dogs. Some of them bring dogs that are very unruly."

One of the major issues with animal control is the lack of manpower. Right now there is only one maintenance worker, who works about 20 hours a week. At Monday's council meeting Phillips hopes they can bring someone on full time.

During Monday’s meeting the board will narrow down possible maintenance men, who will also double as the animal control person.

"That would be our main concern,” We just do not have the manpower. Very limited budget. We're just a little small
town, community. And there is no way we can hire another person just for animal control."

Phillips says the best thing people can do is keep their animals fenced in or on a leash for the time being.

Mayor Philips hopes to have a full time animal control person in the near future.