Couple Ties Knot in Underwater Wedding

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While weddings are a dime a dozen, some are a bit more unique than others, and one local couple made sure their ceremony was one to remember.

Andrew and Stephanie Nusbaum wed in the Gulf of Mexico on Saturday morning. According to the couple, they got the idea after a couple of the groom's coworkers mentioned it.

"One of them works on boats and just put it in my head and I convinced her after that."

While the setting itself was out of the ordinary, the couple still managed to keep things traditional.

"We've got laminated vows on paper, we've got fake rings," Stephanie said. "I will be wearing a veil, but you know, no formal wedding garb.

Additionally, the wedding party had to be SCUBA certified to take part in the ceremony.

When we caught up with the couple after the wedding, they were all smiles and wouldn't change much, besides a few sick passengers.

"Everything worked out fine, the weather turned out pretty good for us, I'm happy," said Andrew.

"Well, it rained a lot but that worked anyway," Stephanie countered with a laugh.

"Rain is good luck," he returned, and she agreed. "Rain is good luck."