Couple Travels by Bike and Horse for Musical Tour

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SANTA ROSA BEACH -- If you've ever wanted to just "pack up and go" these two may be your inspiration. An engaged couple from North Carolina is passing through our area but in a different fashion.

With only their horse, dog, bicycle and instruments Hannah Lauzon and Kevin Harvey both agreed to hit the road for their musical tour.

Troubadour Hannah Lauzon said, "We wanted to do a kind of a band tour and do it pretty uh…cost effectively so we decided we'd just get up and go."

The name of their band is called Five Cent Fiddle and features music they wrote together. What may be shocking to many is this couple travels by bike and horseback.

Hannah rides Meadow while Kevin rides his bicycle. The two say they've been traveling since September.

Kevin Harvey, troubadour said, "The animals we go 20 to 30 miles a day sometimes as little as …I'd say 25 miles a day is the most we've gone so they get a lot of exercise but it’s not every single day it varies.”

The duo stopped in Santa Rosa Beach and are currently staying at Gulfside Tailrides where their horse can stay in a stable.
The couple prepared for their trip with camping gear but don't use it often.

"Probably two-thirds of the time we're in people's houses playing music for them and you know sharing dinner and the horse is out back mowing the lawn. So we camp when we have to but not as much as we thought,” said Lauzon.

"We meet a lot of really cool people that want us to hang around and we want to hang around because they're cool so we play a lot of music and have a good time with a lot of new friends,” Harvey said.

The couple plans to continue heading west; their next stop is Pensacola.

If you would like more information about Hannah and Kevin visit their website: