Courthouse Expansion Moves Forward

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Bay County Commissioners gave the go-ahead on Tuesday to move forward with plans to expand the Bay County Courthouse.

Local judges have been requesting the expansion saying they’re working in tight quarters.

Tuesday’s decision just gives approval to lock in a loan with an interest rate at 2.99% for the estimated 13.5 million it will take for the expansion.

Commissioners say the money to repay the loan will not effect the over all budget.
The money will come from fees the courthouse takes in from traffic citation and other fees.

"They'll finally have some room to turn around. We've had people down there working out of closets. We've have circuit judges that really have no security from the prisoners coming and going. This will allow all kinds of security within the courthouse," said Commissioner George Gainer.

The expansion will go into the vacant lot where the old jail used to be, beside the courthouse near the bridge.

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