Covenant Hospice Masks Available To See

They're creative and colorful and now you can see the masks for this year's annual Covenant Hospice Mask Gala.

The gala raises money for the programs covenant offers to hospice patients and their families.

The gala is set for later this month but you can see all the hand painted masks created by local and international celebrities starting Friday. They're on display at the main street gallery in downtown Panama City.

Last year's silent auction included masks painted by Crosby, Stills & Nash, Jim Belushi, Coach Bobby Bowden and more.

"Come down to the art gallery and find your favorite mask and prebid if you can't make it to the gala for some reason, all they have to do is call us at 785-3040 or e-mail us at," said Nanisa Anderson.

The Covenant Hospice Mask Gala is Saturday March 29th at Edgewater Beach Resort.