Coyote Landfill Finally Cleaned

PANAMA CITY-- Where just months ago stood piles of garbage, now sits empty land covered in straw and patches of new grass.

The Department of Environmental Protection closed the landfill in 2011, sighting a number of violations, including collecting 19,000 tons of cubic waste, nearly 10 times its permitted capacity.

Neighbors say the garbage attracted rats, snakes, and huge snapping turtles.

The $600,000 dollar clean up project came almost free to tax payers. Phoenix construction did the work. In return, the DEP waived just over half a million dollars in fines owed following Phoenix's construction of the airport.

"We were able to make this happen and it didn't cost a whole lot of money, and it got rid of a horrible problem and a horrible eye sore," said Panama City commissioner George Gainer.

The property, while now clean, is still locked up. Neighbors are hopeful that one day their kids will be able to enjoy the land.

While Commissioner Gainer says a park would be ideal, there are no plans for the property right now.