Cozzie Trial Enters Penalty Phase

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Cordy and Toni Wilkes have spent the last two years, trying to cope with their daughter’s death.

"It's like a third of my heart is ripped off. I still have two kids that need me and they understand. She was my first, she was special. She was our hopes, our dreams. She was going to do something to change the world and make it better" said Victim’s Mother Toni Wilkes.

"You lose a part of your soul a part of your heart. She's the one that…your first born is usually the one you look toward to be the one next in line to take care of things when your time comes” said Victims Father Cordy Wilkes.

They described Courtney as an outgoing, smart child that was loved by everyone in their small town.

"She was unusual in the fact that, it was almost like she was wise beyond her time. Very mature child. Very easy going mild mannered" said Toni Wilkes.

When asked by the prosecution to reflect back to the day Courtney was kidnapped, Cordy Wilkes says he knew he would never see his daughter again.

"Well after a period of time when we had not seen her or heard from her we pretty much came to the realization that she wasn't coming back…….just because I knew Courtney" said Cordy Wilkes.

Sadly he was right. But even in death - her parents know she's never far away.

"She's on our property. From our back porch we can look out and watch over her and she can vice versa watch over us" said Cordy Wilkes.

Jurors must recommend life in prison without parole or the death penalty. It will ultimately be up to the judge which sentence Cozzie receives.