Cozzie back in court- keeping his attorney

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The man accused of murdering a 15-year old Georgia tourist in
Seagrove Beach in June, was back in court Tuesday to discuss his lawyer.

22 year-old Steven Anthony Cozzie is pleading not-guilty to the kidnapping, rape and murder of Courtney Wilkes.

Today he was supposed to ask for a new attorney, but that never happened.

Two weeks ago Cozzie wrote his attorney Lenny Platteborze saying he was not satisfied and requested the court appoint another attorney to the case.

Platteborze apparently visited Cozzie in jail yesterday and changed Cozzie’s mind.

When he appeared before Judge Kelvin Wells this morning, Cozzie changed his tune.

"Mr. Platteborze was appointed at first appearance to represent you. He's basically alleged that he was appointed, with you during several search warrants being served, hair samples, fingernail clipping, DNA samples, photographs taken of you and of your body. He was present at first appearance hearing, he's been there to see you at least five times, but I guess the main question that I have to ask you this morning is are you seeking to discharge Mr. Platteborze or are you satisfied with his representation?" asked Judge Kelvin Wells.

"I'm satisfied," Cozzie responded.

Judge Wells then granted Platteborze’s request for a continuance, moving the next pre-trial hearing from September 22 to December 15.

State Attorney Bill Eddis says he hopes to schedule a jury trial during that hearing for some time next spring.

He also says they will decide whether to pursue the death penalty against Cozzie within the next two weeks.

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