Credit Card Fraud Targets Elderly Parker Man

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PARKER - Parker police need your help identifying two men suspected of credit card fraud.

Investigators say the crimes have taken place at large stores like Walmart and some local banks.

The stolen credit card belongs to an elderly Parker man, who's now thousands of dollars in-debt.

Parker police say the man is a surveillance video from the Walmart Super Center in Lynn Haven, committed credit card fraud.

They also say a different man used the same stolen credit card at a Hancock Bank branch in downtown Panama City.

The card was stolen from an elderly man from Parker.

"It scares me to death of how for the elderly. I'm elderly. That devastated that man because he doesn't have any way to get any more money for the rest of the month," said Wanda Gilmore and her daughter, Melissa Mond.

"They're also breaking in and beating these elderly people and taking their money and credit cards. When does it come to an end?," said Michelle Pipkins, another concerned Bay County resident.

Officers say the two men broke into the elderly man's home at the end of June.

They then took the credit card to a Hancock Bank, took some cash out, and then headed to a Walmart to use the credit card even more.

Cameras also caught one of the men driving a Ford truck and the other in a tan car in the Walmart parking lot.

Residents have mixed feelings about preventing this kind of fraud.

"It should be mandatory that they show ID. That's every time. Every time for no matter who, especially the elderly," said Mond and her mother, Gilmore.

"I don't know how we can solve a problem like this. I mean it's everywhere," said Pipkins

Police don't know exactly how much was charged on the elderly man's credit card, but say it is in the thousands.

If you know any information about the men or this case, please call the Parker Police Department at 871-4100.

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