Crestview City Council Table Controversial Confederate Flag Issue

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The flag has flown at the William "Uncle Bill" Lundy Memorial on Highway 85 for many years now.

Members of the NAACP have asked for it to be removed for a lot of those years.

They say the flag represents a painful time in their history and tonight they were prepared to ask the council once again to take it down.

But apparently so many people showed up Monday night that council members were afraid there wouldn't be enough time to hear all the public comments, so they decided to table the issue.

Instead they scheduled a meeting for November 14th where they will hold a workshop to discuss and make a decision.

Sabu Williams, former president of the NAACP says he was pretty sure council members would not come to a decision tonight, but says they will continue to let their voices be heard.

"African Americans were slaves, that is part of our history too, but we don't have a slave memorial, nor are we asking for one,” said Williams. “All we are saying is this part of history was what we think we need to learn to grow from, not so much continue in."

The Crestview Lions Club dedicated the memorial to Lundy, who was Florida’s last living confederate soldier.

Mayor David Cadle says his office has received a large number of phone calls from residents on both sides of the issue, but ultimately it's up to Crestview City Council members to make a decision.