Crestview Man Charged with Meth Trafficking and Child Abuse

Allen M. Rhinehart is now charged with trafficking in methamphetamine and child abuse.

OCSO patrol deputies went to a residence on Godfrey Street to serve a felony arrest warrant on Rhinehart. While on scene, they detected evidence of a clandestine methamphetamine lab. DTF investigators responded and confirmed the presence of the lab and assumed the investigation.

Rhinehart and his wife, Christina Russell, were not on scene. Russell was contacted and returned.

Russell provided written consent to search her residence, and admitted to the knowledge of methamphetamine being manufactured in the residence, and that two children, ages 2 and 4, had been present in the house during the manufacturing process on several occasions. Russell has purchased ephedrine on multiple occasions and was blocked or prevented on additional purchases. Russell was arrested October 22nd on charges of trafficking in methamphetamine and child abuse.

Thursday, while at the Okaloosa County jail on other charges, Rhinehart consented to an interview with DTF investigators and admitted to manufacturing methamphetamine on multiple occasions and that two children were in the home on several of those occasions.