Crestview Man Remains in Custody for Deviant Sexual Behavior

OKALOOSA COUNTY-- An Okaloosa County Jury has determined a Crestview man should be indefinitely confined in the state's Civil Commitment Center because he's a violent sexual offender.

Jurors reached the decision Tuesday in the case of 44 year old Alvaro Ignacio Abaunza.

Abaunza has committed sex offenses on three women. One of the women, who he sexually battered in 2010, testified in this week's proceedings.

Three psychologists also testified that Abaunza suffers from compulsions to engage in various types of deviant sexual behavior, and that there is a high risk he would re-offend in a sexually violent way unless he is committed. Abaunza will undergo treatment for mental disorders which cause him to engage in deviant sexual behavior.

His case will be reviewed each year, but he'll remain in the facility until Judge Michael A. Flowers determines he's safe enough to release.