Crestview NAACP Holds Townhall Meeting

Residents in Crestview got together for a townhall meeting Saturday afternoon hosted by the NAACP. The topic was the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial and the implications it had for the community.

"It doesn't surprise me, I was a little disappointed, I thought they would get the lesser charge of manslaughter just to kinda smooth things out to show they they did attempt to recognize that a young kid got killed that probably could have been avoided if an individual had just stayed in his car," said panelist Larry Boldin in reaction to the verdict.

The local NAACP chapter president Sabu Williams hoped the townhall would help people air out their concerns about the controversial verdict, the Stand Your Ground law and racial equality.

Residents brainstormed ideas on how to best fight violence in communities and the message that needs to be sent to youth around the area. However at the end, panelists said that while things weren't perfect, it was time for change and action.

"Trayvon Martin, though not given the full fill of justice was given justice in now everyone knows about it," said Dwight Williams, Jr. "We can act on that."