Crestview Police Hope to Raise K-9 Unit Funds

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OKALOOSA COUNTY-- Crestview Police Department officials are still trying to raise money to put together a new K-9 unit.

Since last year, CPD has been without this unit due to both dogs having medical issues.

Crestview police officials have not had the money to pay for two new K-9's since then.

But now they're trying to raise $30,000 to bring new K-9s in from Alabama.

Crestivew police officials have already received close to $12,000 in donations from the community.

"It is an invaluable tool. I do explain to them about tracking suspects, fleeing suspects. This past Friday we had an incident that required the use of Okaloosa County's K-9 unit. That ultimately did locate a suspect. And response time would be so much lower if we had our own K-9 on hand," Crestview Police Officer Sam Kimmons said.

CPD officials will hold a fundraiser for the cause at Beef 'o' Brady's in Crestview on August 2.

Police officers will serve the public that night, and all their tips will go towards the K-9 unit.