Crestview Police Raise Money for K-9 Unit

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CRESTVIEW Crestview Police lost their entire K-9 force last year when they had to retire their two dogs due to medical reasons.

They haven't had the money to get replacements.

"Originally in this year's budget, I had some money in there at the time to purchase one K-9, with $8,000 built into the budget. But we had to take that out because of the budget reductions that were required, said Police Chief Tony Taylor.

They've been making do as best as they can.

For the past year, the Crestview Police Department has been borrowing K-9's from the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office. This is becoming a huge problem for the agency.

"And sometimes that immediate availability of the K-9 can be the difference between life and death,” said Chief Taylor.

Chief Taylor is now taking a different approach to restart the K-9 unit.

He's soliciting donations from Crestview businesses and hosting fundraisers.

So far officers have raised more than $8,000 of the $30,000 they need.

"At this time we do have a fundraising event at Beef-O-Brady’s here in Crestview where the officers will be waiting tables, and the proceeds will go towards purchasing the dogs. We will also have a fishing tournament in the near future, and then a poker tournament with a local biker group, and also a golf tournament,” said Officer Sam Kimmons.

There's also a fun incentive.

The person or business donating the most amount of money will get to name the K-9's.

Both of the dogs are currently being trained in Alabama.