Crews Continue Cleaning Million Dollar Flood Damage At Local Church

Joe Greene is a parishioner at St. Bernadette Parish.

He has been working every day since the 4th to repair plumbing damaged during this month's flooding.

"Getting everything back to new again with that bad weather this 4th of July," he said.

The church is having to replace everything the flood waters touched.
"Even the dry wall, the walls through the entire church had to be cut out 3-to-4 feet high and in the Childhood Development Academy," said Father Paul Smith.

Crews have been out here everyday and do not expect to complete the work for another month.

"Between the church and the academy it's gonna be pushing almost a million dollars worth of damage between the structures themselves and the contents," said Smith.

Between FEMA funding and the church's insurance policy most of the costs are covered, but the church is on their own paying for renovations and improvements to prevent future flooding.

"A lot of that stuff insurance won't cover," Smith said.

And there are some things, like the storm water drainage ditches, they cannot control.

"The city just re-dug these ditches, all the way from pier park to here," said Smith. "Water used to flow pretty nicely through the drainage ditches. Now they don't flow at all."

They have contacted local officials about fixing the ditch issue.