Crist Party Change Fuels Speculation

Governor Charlie Crist has signed a change of party form at the White House, officially becoming a Democrat. The change fuels speculation Crist will seek his old job as Governor against Rick Scott in 2014. And the GOP is responding with sarcasm.

Charlie Crist tweeted this picture Friday night from the White House, holding up a voter registration form saying "Proud to join the Democratic Party" in the home of President Barak Obama.

Elected Governor in 2006, as a Republican, Crist is the only chief executive eligible for a second term who didn’t seek one; choosing instead to seek a U.S. Senate seat.

After becoming an independent and losing, Crist told reporters in a final news conference. "I wouldn't rule out anything in the future".

Democratic strategist Steve Schale thinks if Crist tries to get his old job back, he’ll need to jump in quickly, perhaps choosing a well-known Democrat like Dan Gelber as his running mate almost immediately. “For Crist picking somebody early, having another person on the ticket helping him raise money. Getting out there banging on doors and doing grassroots campaign that you gotta do. I think he would be very smart".

The Republican Party of Florida has been critical of Crist since rumors of his return began last spring. Brain Burgess is a Republican Party of Fl Spokesman. "He's a Ronald Reagan conservative. He's a pro gun conservative. So, before we have to take him seriously, the Democrats have to take him seriously".

If Charlie Crist were indeed to run again and be successful, he would be only the sixth Florida Governor to serve two terms. But he would be the only one to do it from two political parties. Right now that's a big if.
He spoke at the Democratic Convention in August, telling reporters “What changed is the leadership of the Republican party. I didn’t leave the Republican party, it left me. Whether the issue was immigration, or education, or you name it—the environment.”

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