Crooked Creek Boat Ramp Supporters Speak Out

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Even though it wasn't on the agenda, Bay County commissioners spent a considerable amount of time again on Tuesday on the construction of a new boat ramp on Crooked Creek.

Nearby residents have been vocal in their opposition to the plan, but Tuesday supporters chimed in saying they are the silent majority.

"I want to commend you guys for stepping up and addressing this problem. I, personally, have pulled several people out that have gotten stuck on that ramp," said one person during the public discussion portion of the meeting.

"A new ramp that's safer for people to use on Crooked Creek would be greatly appreciated," said another fisherman in attendance.

The Friends of Crooked Creek group, which opposes the new ramp, spoke less Tuesday about the environmental impacts, and more about the possibility of finding an alternate location for the ramp and the financial aspects.

Commissioners say the project would be paid for by those using it, citing the money comes from revenue generated by boat registration.

While they've already approved the construction of the ramp, commissioners have agreed to hear more input from the Friends of Crooked Creek group before they begin the design and construction phases.