Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half With Coupons

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We've all heard of extreme couponers. Shoppers willing to go seemingly overboard to get a deal, but you don't have to be extreme to find ways to save 50% or more on your groceries.

Donna McInvale has been studying sales and clipping coupons for the past five years.

She says buying a newspaper and checking for paper hand outs at grocery stores are essential.

"It does take a little bit of a commitment of time, but you can save half on your groceries."

Donna likes to shop at Publix for the buy one get one deals.

She does what's called “stacking” where you get a bigger discount by stacking both a manufacturer's coupon and a store coupon.

Which brings items like the men's body wash Donna purchased to a much more affordable price.

"The manufacturer's coupon is for $2 off and the store coupon is for a dollar off. So I'm getting this for 49 cents."

Using both types of coupons, Donna got her vitamins for an even better price.

"We can use both the three dollars off and the $1 off and this is $3.99 so this will be free."

So how much time does she end up clipping coupons and organizing her folders? Donna says about 3 to 5 hours a week.

"There are times when I'll run into the store and pick something up without a coupon. Don't want to let it run my life," said McInvale.

She says it takes about eight weeks to really learn the cycle of sales at your local grocery store.

"It's given us the ability to spend our money on other things and save more."

At the end of the shopping trip, the total cost of the full cart of groceries only came to 77 dollars and 33 cents.

Donna savings added up to $145.88.

You can learn tips from Donna by going to or by checking out her Coupon Clippin' Woman page on Facebook.

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