DOT Puts Bay County on Priority List

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State officials are revising the long range plan for highway construction projects in the Panhandle.

The Florida Department of Transportation revealed its latest 5 year place during a public hearing Tuesday and projects for Bay County are at the top of the list.

The intersection of West Highway 98 and 23rd St remains the most congested in Bay County, an issue that the FDOT plans to hope alleviate in the next 5 years.

"What we're going to do is alleviate that congestion with the flyover. That's going to allow the port to be able to move their goods and services much more efficiently," said Ian Satter of the FDOT.

But it's not just about helping goods get to their destination, the flyover will create a new traffic pattern that will make the problems with the current intersection a thing of the past.

"They'll be able to drive from 23rd St right onto the bridge and head westbound, no stops. Same thing as you're heading westbound on 98 as you head towards the bridge. That light won't be there to stop you anymore, it'll be a seamless transition," said Satter.

The $90 million project is still in the design phase, but the first signs of pre-construction are already underway.

Crews demolished the Classic Inn Motel in September while the state negotiates with other property owners to buy right of way.

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