Darn Good Police Work Leads To Quick Resolution of the Bomb Threat Bank Robber Case

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Panama City Beach Police Chief Drew Whitman commented on NewsChannel 7 at 5 PM Friday, it wasn’t going to take long to find a woman robber who held up the PNC Bank on Middle Beach Road that morning.

By sunset, Beach Police officers had arrested a suspect for making a bomb threat and the bank robbery. Jailed was 44 year old Patricia Lamar Brewer of 302 Cabana Blvd. If the addresses sounds familiar that because its right around the corner from the bank she is accused of robbing.

Chief Whitman says Ms. Brewer is charged with making a telephoned bomb threat to Walmart on Middle Beach Road to create a diversion for police so she could easily rob the bank.

The 9:00 AM bomb threat said the building would be blown up at 10:00 AM. Police cleared the store and searched for a explosive device. 10:00 passed and nothing happened, at least not at Walmart. But, at 10 AM police got the call a mile away that the PNC bank was being robbed.

Ms. Brewer went into the bank, demanded cash and told the teller the bank would be blown up if she didn’t get the money. The bank employee handed the cash to Brewer. She drove the getaway car to her apartment at Cabana West and hid inside. That’s where police found her several hours later and arrested her.

She has a First Appearance in Bay County Court Saturday morning.

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