Davis Lake Drawdown Scheduled for December

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Lynn Haven city officials are working with residents to solve some problems in Davis Lake.

The city will perform a drawdown to help kill off the 10-acre lake's aquatic weeds. The city has not always been able to work smoothly with the lake's 30-residents, mostly due to a dispute over who owns the lake and who is responsible for maintenance.

This time the city and residents are in agreement over what needs to be done. "It's beautiful and I hope it stays that was, a lot of the people around here, if you talk to them, feel the same way,” said Bill Carter, who lives along the lake. “It's been great, but it needs some work and to be cleaned up."

After Tuesday’s commission meeting, they now have some help. "Last night was a very positive agreement the city agreed to allow the lake to be drawn down," said Charles Whittington, another resident along the lake.

The commissioners are working with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to clean up the lake. "We now have some solutions for the residents to be able to ask for a permit to clean up some of the weeds,” said Commissioner Rodney Friend. “And a request that the city do the water drawdown, we control the drawdown and help control some of the weeds."

The drawdown will last 90 days, beginning December 3rd.

The FWC says the winter freezes will help kill many of the weeds.

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