Day One: Joseph Moody Trial

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PANAMA CITY -- Prosecutors called witness after witness Tuesday in the first day of testimony in the Joseph Moody murder trial. Moody is accused of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend, 24-year-old Megan Pettis, in the parking lot of a 23rd Street shopping center in March 2013.

The trial is more about Moody's punishment rather than his guilt.

"I shot her cold. Make no mistake, this trial is not who done it, that's never going to be the issue in this case,” said State Prosecutor Bob Sombathy.

Sombathy used defendant Joseph Moody's statements, shortly after his arrest, to set the stage for the witnesses he planned to present to.
When Moody heard those words in court Tuesday, he sobbed.

The defense does not dispute Moody shot and killed his ex-girlfriend Megan Pettis last year. In fact, his attorney's did not present an opening statement Tuesday.

Their strategy is to save Moody from a life sentence for the killing. The state claims Moody's statements immediately after the shooting indicates premeditation.

"He doesn't say a word to her. He's not even sure if she even saw him. He aims the gun and fires all nine rounds. Not standing still but running,” Sombathy said.

The state called several witnesses to the March 19th shooting, as well as police officers who responded.

Witness William Gibson said, "I saw a gentleman, whose sitting right here running along-side of the vehicle, shooting off rounds."

Witness Joanie Crawford said, "I was trying to talk to her. She wasn't responding so I looked in her purse to try to get a name and I saw her name was Megan and I just started trying to talk to her."

Most witnesses remember hearing shots fired.

"I was standing at my truck with a friend and then we heard a gun fire," said Witness Tyler Johnson.

Testimony will pick-up again Wednesday morning.