DeFuniak Springs City Hall Property Update

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DeFuniak Springs City Council Members were hoping to sell the old city hall, and use the money to build a new facility in another location.

But they tabled all the discussion in February, when the company interested in buying the land, found some issues with the steep hill behind the facility.

The council agreed to stop negotiating.

The topic has not come up at subsequent meetings.

But at Monday evening's meeting, residents showed-up ready to address the council on their concerns about the city hall property and other matters.

"We are considering some of the questions the council members have asked, and the answers haven’t been forth coming,” said DeFuniak Springs Resident J.B. Hillard. “We have been looking back into their records of actions and we are going to be asking some questions on some actions that are still pending for the city."

At the last minute, residents decided to they'd wait to bring up their concerns at a later date.

"Here tonight we possibly wanted to broke some of those questions but the timing was not right,” stated Hillard.

The potential sale could bring three new businesses to DeFuniak Springs.