Deane Bozeman School Plays Host to Science Brothers

Their goal is to make science fun and from the looks on the faces of 330 Bozeman Elementary School students, mission accomplished.

The "Science Brothers" hosted an assembly at Bozeman Friday morning, teaching students about electricity and chemistry in a way they will never forget.

They use humor and all kinds of wacky experiments to engage the kids.

Their motto is "it's not magic...It's science!"

The characters are engineers at Naval Support Activity-Panama City, who funds the program.

"Some of these schools can't afford the equipment we use at the navy base. So this creates a good connection where we can show some of the stuff we use at the base to show the kids that science can be fun," said Bill Porter.

"They are doing things that seem impossible but they are just science experiments they have practiced and tested tons of times before," said Kaleb Purswell.

The outreach is aimed at getting elementary and middle school students interested in science, technology, education and math, something Bozeman is emphasizing as well.