Death By Chocolate

PANAMA CITY, Fla. If you enjoy giving your sweet-tooth a workout then Tuesday evening could be the perfect night for you.

The annual "Death by Chocolate" event will be sweetening things up at the Marina Civic Center once again. It is also a sweet deal for some local scholarships.

The Emerald Coast Business Women's association has provided thousands of dollars in scholarships for women in need through proceeds from their annual dessert-inspired event.

Jennifer Reale is President, ECBW Association. "Generally we bring in about twenty-five thousand on the event. We have donated over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in scholarships to women twenty-three and older here in Bay County to go to local universities and colleges. Also for nursing programs and cosmetology programs at Haney and other schools as well."

Local chef's and restaurants compete for the people's choice awards and bragging rights. "Every year we have a theme and we bring in area restaurants and catering services, bakeries that serve up bite-size pieces of delectable treats. You get to vote on your favorite restaurant and dessert.

And the association does a lot more than serve up this delicious signature fundraiser. “It's business women here in Bay County and some surrounding counties, we get together once a month, have meetings and networking. We try to bring in speakers that touch lives of us as business women, mothers, maybe wives - that kind of thing. We also encourage each other with our businesses, and with our families, it's just a great support system. I've made truly some of my best friends through this organization.

And as for the theme of the tasty evening? "It's the fifteenth annual Death By Chocolate, and this year's theme is Peace, Love and Chocolate.

"Death by chocolate" is Tuesday night from 5pm to 8pm at the Marina Civic Center. Tickets are available at the door

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