Deer Point Elementary Autism Spectrum Disorder Teacher Wins Golden Award

“I would match will up against any autism teacher in the state of Florida, he has got to be one of the best.”

It’s a tall compliment for a man only in his third year of teaching. Mr. Weatherly became a teacher after a career in Law Enforcement but his patient and encouraging ways make him seem like a seasoned pro.

For Zachary Rounds, “He is excited about going to school for the first time we know there are good things going on here because he is excited every day to go to school,” said Cynthia Rounds.

“He is a good teacher, he cares about us and he helps us to do good,” said Zachary.

Parents say Mr. Weatherly has the unique ability to figure out how each autistic child learns most effectively and tailors his teaching in centers.

“Will Weatherly is one of those amazing teachers that can get the best of out of the kids.”

Incorporating technology into his lessons is another successful strategy.

“You just give them paperwork all the time of course they are not going to have fun so i do lots of hands on stuff, I try to integrate real world tech,” said Mr. Weatherly.

“Mr. Weatherly is doing a great job of integrating them into the world, these kids struggle with their social skills, they struggle with everything and Mr. Weatherly does a great of integrating them into the world because the world is not going to integrate them,” said Cynthia.

Congratulations to Will Weatherly, this week’s Golden Apple Award Winning teacher.