Residents Deal with Deer Point Lake Flooding

Some Northern Bay County residents blame the county for the current flooding they are experiencing.
They said the county's refusal to open all the draw-down gates on Deer Point Lake is the source of their problems.
But, county officials said they are doing everything possible, considering the circumstances.
Deer Point Lake's normal water level is 5 feet, it was 31/2 before the rain started last week.
The lake grew by 95 billion gallons of water in just 7 days.
"When you have a quantity of water like this coming in, you can't relieve it quick enough to maintain that level. There's no mechanical way to do that,” said Paul Lackemacher, the Bay County utility services director. “We have to forecast the best we can."
8 of the Deer Point Dam's 10 draw-down gates are open, but it is not enough to stop flooding.
And, unfortunately for all those living around Deer Point Lake, officials said the dam structure was not intended for flood control.
"We have all the gates open that we can, that's based on the engineering design,” said Lackemacher. “The fact of the matter is the outer two gates are closed to minimize and reduce the velocity and erosion on the banks."
Henry Warren is just one of many whose yard was damaged around the lake.
"My yard has got about a foot and a 1/2- two foot of water in it. I'm afraid i'm gonna lose my veggies," said Warren.
He said he understands there is not much the county can do to help, but other residents are not as understanding.
Lackemacher said he hopes the water will be down to its normal level within the next 6 to 7 days.