Defuniak Springs Still Discussing Selling City Hall

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A few weeks ago, Mayor Bob Campbell proposed to Council Members a retail store's offer to set up shop in Defuniak Springs.

The plans center on the company buying City Hall and Mayor Campbell supports the project.

"They have had a strategic plan they have been engaged in for years,” said Mayor Campbell. “When they come in to do certain planning of their stores, you will either get in or get out; and time is of the essence."

However, some City Council Members don't want to rush into the deal.

"Until we do some research on our part, how much it will cost us to build, things like that, there is no way to negotiate; we have got to have those specific figures in our mind,” said Councilman Kermit Wright.

City Officials already have two locations in mind for a new City Hall.

One located at the intersection of Highway 90 and 11th Street.

The other on Highway 83 where the Community Center is located.

Campbell wants a decision by the next meeting, but Council Members say they want more time.

"There is no for sale sign in front of City Hall,” said Councilman Wright. “With that being said would I go with selling it, well I would, if the price is right."

During their last meeting, Mayor Campbell claimed residents are supportive and want City Hall to be moved downtown.