Defuniak Springs Family Prepares For Sons Treatment

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In some ways, Uriah Oldacre's days are the same as any other five year old’s.

"I know my letters, abc's. I know chipmunks and apple circus and power rangers" said Uriah Oldacre.

But it takes extraordinary measures for Uriah to have a somewhat normal life.

"He takes shots Monday, Wednesday, Friday and of course he has a bunch of oral antibiotics he takes to get him through and it's so he don't, it's to try and fight off whatever comes into his body" said Uriah’s Mother Jessica Oldacre.

Uriah was born with chronic granulomatous disease which weakens his immune system and makes him more susceptible to infections. Jessica says medical treatments have come a long way since Uriah was first diagnosed.

"His first year of life was the hardest. They had told us he was going to die. He was about two weeks old and they told us we're sorry your son will be dead by tomorrow" said Jessica.

But Uriah's family knows what to expect, because his uncle had the same disease.

"My son's twenty-two now. He was eight months old when they found what was wrong with him and he was one of the youngest they had ever found it on" said Uriah’s Grandmother Sue Lusk.

Part of the treatment includes three months of stem cell therapy in Maryland, beginning in May. The family is trying to raise thirty thousand dollars to cover the treatment and the trip. So far they've raised three thousand dollars.

"I always have to go to the hospital and I get sticks."

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