Department of Children and Families Raising Awareness on Human Trafficking

The Department of Children and Families is trying to raise awareness about human trafficking.

Countless thousands of women, children and migrate workers are being forced to work against their will here in Florida.

Many are sold as sex slaves.

Governor Rick Scott signed a proclamation designating January as Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

DCF Secretary David Wilkins says his department is helping more than a hundred former child sex slaves recover and is being helped by a network of communities throughout the state.

"We now have human trafficking work groups and support functions in just about every community in the state and that new awareness and those new individuals who see this as a call to action is exactly what we need, to not only identify the problem but to get more people engaged in helping those who are in trouble,” said David Wilkins.

Last year the state legislature passed a bill creating safe houses for people caught in the sex trade and another bill to exempt sex slaves from being prosecuted on prostitution charges.