Destin Burglar Makes Himself At Home in Victim’s House

A homeless man who burglarized a Destin home early this morning helped himself to a Gatorade from the refrigerator, pocketed car keys and nail polish, and then was found asleep on the victim’s couch when deputies arrived.

37-year old Joseph Sherman Lacross Jr. is charged with burglary of an occupied residence and theft. Deputies say he went into the home at 631 Mountain Drive through a locked door in the garage.

While inside, he took a Gatorade out of the refrigerator and started drinking it. When deputies arrived around 3:34 a.m., they found Lacross asleep on a sofa in the living room.

He had a bottle of the victim’s nail polish in his pockets, along with key rings containing keys to the victim’s car. A flat screen TV in the living room and its attached accessories had all been disconnected from the wall.

The victim verified that the TV was completely hooked up, the Gatorade was in the refrigerator, the nail polish was on the coffee table, and the car keys were on the key rack hanging on the wall before Lacross broke in.

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