Destin Businesses Prepare for Spring Break

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Destin business owners are finishing their preparations for what's expected to be a busy spring break season.

"Well we just started running ads to hire more therapists. Massage is like our big business in the summer" said Edge of Paradise Day Spa Owner Vickie Edge.

"This time of year is a great time when we're gearing up for the season and we have lots of people from different states that come for spring break. Young and old” said Donut Hole Owner Dana Chandler.

Destin city officials are also implementing their own changes to make visitors feel at home.

"You know we have a huge influx of people. It's a busy time around here. What we do is our park staff makes sure our beach access points, restrooms and all those areas are really in good shape" says Destin Public Information Officer Doug Reiner.

Reiner says they also work with the sheriff's department to help enforce city codes and manage crowd control. Those same crowds can force some business owners to enforce stricter policies.

“If you're staying here you cannot have a guest visit you on property. We find that we have more problems with offsite guests than we do onsite guests" says Pelican Beach Resort Assistant General Manager Dan Martin.

Martin says implementing rules is to the benefit of future guests. Working in a tourist town may have its highs and lows but it can provide the best venue for almost any business.
Reiner says the city has been preparing for this year's spring break since spring break 2012.