Destin City Commission Continues Plans For Norriego Point

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Destin city commissioners were less than impressed when they got their first look at the Norriego Point management plan Monday.

"Well what we did in the management plan is we tried to show as intense recreational access as possible. It's a conceptual plan. Certainly none of those improvements would be built” said Destin City Manager Maryann Ustick.

But commissioners were concerned about restrooms, a large parking lot and road access.

"My personal opinion individually is that we ought to preserve the point and I’m ok if there's no recreational facilities on there."
The board voted down the first plan, then discussed a second, more versatile, proposal” said Destin City Councilman Jim Bagby.

City officials say the potential plan for Norriego Point is to introduce a walking path or restroom facility. This will help stabilize the area so that in the future if more rock formations need to be laid down along the shoreline it can be done to help prevent erosion. The gulf has eroded about 8-acres of the original point. Bagby believes the city should focus on preservation and restoration.

"So there's been an effort in Destin for many many years to try to find a way to stabilize the point" said Ustick.

Ustick says the city will continue to revise the plan as discussion move ahead. City officials are hoping to receive a state grant to carry-out the work. They're applying for money from the b-p oil spill settlement, through the Florida department of environmental protection.

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