Destin City Officials are preparing for Possible Snow and Ice

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Monday's rain showers in Destin signaled a change in the weather that could bring unusual conditions, at least for our area.

It's still too early to know the exact impact, but Destin City Officials are preparing for unlikely winter weather.

"We don't have a truck or anything like that that will spray salt or any chemicals on the roads,” said Doug Rainer, Public Information Manager for the City of Destin. “So again we would urge people traveling just be mindful of what’s available. Stay off the bridges if they are iced over, we expect FDOT to close a bridge if that is necessary."

Destin Fire Chief Kevin Sasser says they're expecting to receive a number of calls during the next couple of days.

While many Florida residents have never seen snow or ice, let alone driven in it, Sasser says one thing they should keep in mind is black ice.

"We are afraid of the accumulation of sleet, that will turn into ice, and that can be something some people may not see when they approach those areas,” said Sasser. “We are providing that caution to slow down and be careful and just we want to be prepared to take any action possible."

Besides staying safe in these conditions, officials are asking residents to remember one more thing.

"Make sure your sprinklers are off,” said Rainer. “This is a problem we have seen recently. And so we don't have frozen water on the roads."

Walton County Emergency Management personnel and Public Works Officials are trying to decide what to put on the roads in the event they ice over.