Destin Commons Moves Forward With Expansion

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Destin Commons is currently four hundred fifty thousand square feet of shopping, dining and entertainment totaling seventy-five businesses. That number is about to change significantly.

"We've got between twenty and twenty-five new restaurants and retailers that will be coming to the property. We've got a junior anchor that will be a restaurant and entertainment component and another junior anchor” said Destin Commons General Manager Bob Perry.

This expansion has been in the works since shortly after Destin Commons opened in 2003. But management started the practical planning in 2011.

"We started working earnestly on the project last march. The design work is usually the first thing we have to take care of" said Destin Commons Expansion Project Manager William Frank

"Pretty much everything has been site work development, installation of utilities, the fire system. The underground sewer system and water supply system. Gas lines electric lines" said Perry.

Then the crews will start building the new stores.

"We're close. We think it will be in the next 45 to 60 days we'll be under construction. Could be a little sooner, but we're excited about it" said Frank.

Those involved with the expansion say it has great benefits for the Destin area.

"I think one of the best things about this is what it brings to the community in terms of just jobs and revenue. The development industry has really been slow over the last two or three years so it's exciting to have a good size project like we got here" said Frank.

Frank won't reveal the names of the new additions yet. But he says the first of the businesses will open in April 2014, with all the others open by July.