Destin Fire District Moves Forward After Vote

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Tuesday’s special election in Destin brought 2,087 residents to the polls. However it only amounted to sixteen percent of the 12,452 registered voters.

"553 of those were already ballots that were cast during our one week of early voting. And another 601 of those were absentee ballots. So better than half of the ballots that were cast in this election were cast before Election Day" said Okaloosa County Supervisor of Elections Paul Lux.

Okaloosa County supervisor of elections Paul Lux says special elections can be hard to predict. It was even harder to predict that more than 1600 voters would vote no to the referendum compared to only four hundred two votes in favor.

"Well I was surprised. I thought it was very clear at what the voting public said. I wish we would've had a bigger turnout. But it was very clear that what we asked for was wrong" said Destin Fire Commissioner Jack Wilson.

Commissioner Wilson says any blame residents have should lie solely on commissioners.

"The Union didn't do this, the commission did. If you want to get more specific the five year planning committee that I chair did. So the blame ought to come there" said Wilson.

Destin Fire District Commissioner Mike Buckingham says now the fire commissions’ job will be to move forward.

"Within the next thirty days we're going to get together the commissioners and we'll sit down and go over the 2014 budget and we'll know what our number are at that time" said Buckingham.

This was Destin’s first-ever special election.