Destin Fisherman And Boat Captains Seek Help For Destin Harbor Pass

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"Our problem is that the entrance to our harbor close to the Destin bridge is supposed to be twelve foot deep. That's what the corps of engineers is supposed to keep it twelve foot deep. Well at low tides right now we're five and six foot deep in places" said Captain Cliff Atwell.

"The pass has gotten really, really bad lately we've had a lot of different weather changes and they put a sea wall up to try and keep it from getting any worse" said Captain Marler

Atwell and Marler say the simple fix would be to dredge the areas needed but getting help isn't so easy.

"We used to be on a maintenance dredge. Every other year the Army Corp of Engineers would come and dredge the pass" said Destin Mayor Sam Seevers.

But budget cuts and the recession put an end to that schedule. Mayor seevers has already contacted several state senators and congressmen for help.

"A lot of our economic impact comes from these charter boats and it would be a huge disservice to those guys for them not to be able to get out of this pass" said Seevers.

"It's not just going to affect a boat or two, it's going to affect the boats and everything around it" said Atwell.

Mayor Seevers says the city hopes to get some help from a nearby dredging barge, scheduled to begin a coast guard guided project in march.