Destin Man Charged With Attempted Murder

43-year old Fred John Shepard of 775 Gulf Shore Drive, Unit 1009 is
charged with attempted murder, shooting a firearm in an occupied dwelling, and using a firearm under the influence of alcohol.

Deputies were called to Shepard’s apartment around 5:15 Monday
evening after 41-year old Christopher Popelarski said Shepard came out of a bedroom following a nap and began shooting at him.

Popelarski said three rounds from the handgun hit the couch where he was sitting and another hit a wall beside the front door as he was running away.

Shepard, whose blood alcohol level later tested at .22, denies firing at Popelarski. Popelarski says he does not know why Shepard was trying to shoot him. He says prior to Shepard taking a nap, the pair had just been talking and drinking together.