Destin Residents Concerned About Historic Magnolia Tree

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Panama City-Business owners in Destin are concerned about a massive Magnolia tree.

The tree is estimated to be more than 100 years old.

The historic Magnolia tree is often times the most photographed part of Destin’s Harbor Walk Village.

"Mother Nature created something special and we've really put the focus on this tree," said Peter Bos, the CEO and Chairman of Legendary Inc.

After weathering many hurricanes, the tree, appears to be past it's prime.

"It looks probably worse right now than it has in the last twenty years," said Bos.

Bos is bringing in experts to make sure the money tree has the proper care.

"The fact that it's getting sick has brought people's attention. A lot of people take things for granted. With the tree being ill, or appearing to be ill, has certainly brought everyone's focus to it," said Boss.

A tree expert says there are some positive signs.
A few spots have new leaf buds, and the inside of many branches are still soft.

"It makes us realize how temporary we are. I mean, we had sticks and bricks and buildings, but here's a tree that Mother Nature put here and this tree has been here long before any of us and it'll be here, I hope, long after all of us are gone."

Peter Bos says, he's hopeful the Magnolia will survive and he wants to incorporate it into Destin's Harbor Walk Village master plan.

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