Destin Residents Gather To Stop Adult Cabaret

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Residents living around Airport Road in Destin aren't happy about a possible adult cabaret in their neighborhood. Some have organized a group to oppose the proposed nightclub.

"I think it formed from people who are very very concerned and wanted to get the word out as quickly as possible" said Destin Resident Charlene Robertson.

The Destin residents against adult cabarets met for the second time Thursday night to begin organizing formal action to fight the topless bar.

"To stop this is the main mission or if not to move it somewhere else if that's a possibility too because it's in a terrible location" said Destin Resident Carmen Stiles.

"It's going to pose a huge safety issue. There's an open city park not less than seven hundred feet from where this locations going to go" said Destin Resident Amber Hill.

Almost nine hundred people have signed an online petition against the bar.
Active group members say they understand what they're up against, but they're refusing to stay silent.

"If we can at least let everybody know that this isn't what we want anywhere near our homes in the future we'll have made some progress" said Hill.

D.R.A.A.C officials say they spoken to community and city government leaders, and are now seeking legal counsel. They're also devising a strategic plan to try and prevent the adult cabaret from breaking ground.