Destin Residents Learn About City's History

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The Destin family has been retracing the steps of their relatives for years and after filling in most of the blanks of the past they want to fill in the city's residents as well.

“Well I think in the research finding things that I believe nobody's ever found before and understanding how they lived back then" said Historical Researcher Hank Klein.

The family is holding a special presentation on the founder of city, Leonard Destin and his journey to the gulf.

“Well I’m going to be talking about fishing and the history of the family in the fishing industry and a little bit about Destin the way it was and the way it is" said Dewey Destin.

"I think sharing it with other folks, i believe this evening when we have this they'll be folks from Destin here who for some of them this will be there first time they ever hear it" said Klein.

Fifth generation relative Dewey Destin says a lot of research has gone into putting their past together but they don't have all the answers yet.

"We're still trying to figure out why in the world he decided Destin was the place to go. It was a very beautiful place as it is today” said Destin Junior.

Destin junior says one thing's for sure; you have to know where you come from before you know where you're going.

"If you don't understand history, you have a really hard time understanding and going toward the future. You learn from history and it's nice to have roots” said Destin Junior.

The presentation started tonight around five-thirty at the Destin library.