Digging Into Moody's Past

Joseph Moody
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As police put together the pieces of what happened at a shooting in the Publix parking lot Tuesday, others look at the history of Joseph Moody and wonder whether this tragedy could have been prevented.

Information obtained by Newschannel 7 indicates at least one domestic violence related call from the household in 2007.

"We just could hear it over there, the yelling, the cussing, the screaming," said Kelli Cook, a former neighbor. "There were several people out there involved in it when it was going on."

According to the incident report, there was an altercation between two women on the property. One woman had recently moved out of the house and was upset that the other had moved in. However, Cook says the violence didn't stop at their house. In one case, it was with her son, who says Moody threatened to fight him for making too much noise.

"By the way he was acting, people like that, you never know, people like that they may come through the fence," said Alex Cook. "That's the problem you don't know. I had a feeling he was gonna come through that fence that day by the way he was acting."

In both scenarios, charges were never filed.

Moody is currently charged with attempted murder and discharging a firearm in a public place. Megan Pettis is listed as in critical condition.