Director of Bands at Bozeman School Wins Golden Apple

Sand Hills - This week's Golden Apple award winner is the Director of Bands at Bozeman School in Bay County. Students and colleagues alike say the growth of Bozeman's band program is due in large part to the hard work and dedication of Mr. Brandon Poiroux.

At Dean Bozeman School, the sound of students practicing their instruments is also the sound of growth. Director of Bands, Brandon Poiroux, has nearly doubled the size of the program in less than 4 years. "He's been able to take a middle of the road program and change it to one that gets all sorts of recognition," said Bozeman Assistant Principal Ivan Beach.

Spend just a few minutes in his classroom and it's easy to see students love being there, and so does he. "I was taught that you teach band by having fun and band is spelled F-U-N, so I am very energetic. I crack a lot of jokes the students crack jokes on me," said Mr. Poiroux. Some say this is the best part of their day. "School can be scary because of the bullying and stuff. The highlight of my day is pretty much band," said 8th grader Keri Worrell who nominated Mr. Poiroux for the Golden Apple. "He really knows how to get the most out of his students to do what they need to do without being boring or bossy. He juts makes life interesting and fun," said fellow 8th grader Emily Paul, who also voted for Mr. Poiroux. "He has had a great influence on me and he is a great rolemodel for me," said student Stephen Sehleunigur.

"I try to teach them life lessons and sometimes I teach more life lessons than I do music and that is perfectly fine with me, I want to make sure that these students succeed not only in my classroom but in every academic area." Congratulations to Brandon Poiroux, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher. "I want to thank him for teaching me, even though we are all terrible at something at first, whether you think you can or you can't your right," said Keri, reiterating one of Mr. Poiroux's favorite life lessons.