Doctors Recommend Lifestyle Changes to Control Blood Pressure

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PANAMA CITY- The American heart association reports nearly 78 million adults have hypertension, but doctors say there are ways to lower high blood pressure.

“A lot of the times if the readings are borderline elevated, then we have to do some serious effort to reverse it to prevent it. Most of the times, dietriary restriction is essential, said A. Oussama Rifai, Hypertension Specialist.

Local hypertension kidney and dialysis specialist Oussama Rifai encourages his patients to eat healthy and exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

He also says cutting out alcohol and smoking helps too.

"Smoking is bad at all levels, for the lungs, for the heart and for high blood pressure as well."

People who have high blood pressure typically have ringing in their ears, bad headaches, and nose bleeds.

"Blood pressure is very silent, it’s called the silent disease and when it becomes severe, and you ignore and you don't know it, it’s called the silent killer."

People with this disease are typically prescribed medicine.

“The number of pills per day increased and then I started getting serious about it and tried to do exercise and watch diet and try and get it down,” said mike hill, panama city resident.

Doctor Rifai says there are many affordable devices that measure blood pressure and they're available at most stores.