Does the Math Add Up

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Governor Rick Scott has used job creation as a reelection pitch against former Governor Charlie Crist. A job growth report supports more jobs, but Rick Scott isn’t solely credited on the increase.

Florida continues to outpace most states in the country by adding private industry jobs.

Dr. Jerry Parrish with Florida TaxWatch looked at the claims. “On a percentage basis, we’re second in the entire country on job creation, only behind North Dakota.”

It’s a reelection year and Governor Rick Scott is using the increase in jobs as his key pitch to be re elected. “Florida shed more than 800 thousand jobs in the four years before I took office. Taxes increased, debt increased and the unemployment rate rose to 11 point four percent.”

Florida’s economy plummeted during former Republican Governor turned Democrat Charlie Crist’s time in office. But, during Crist’s time in office, the entire country was in the worst recession since the Great Depression.

Charlie Crist says Scott cant take the credit. “The notion that any one person brought that, or any one governor certainly brought that on, it’s just absurd, it’s laughable. If they try to sell that to people, people are smarter than that.”

“A key factor in Florida’s 2013 job growth is a direct reflection of other states across the country.”

Florida TaxWatch thinks there are several factors. “One of the main things is, is record tourism. We’ve had record tourism over the last couple of years and that contributes significantly to not only the economy, but to the state revenues as well.”

The report shows the only sector to lose jobs was Government...state and federal while local government continued to add jobs. Overall 192-thousand jobs were created in 2013.

Florida TaxWatch is reporting the highest increase per capita since 2005.

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