Dog Aqua Therapy in South Walton

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Medical professionals have always considering swimming great exercise and therapy for people, so why not dogs?

Melanie Barrett founded 30A Swim Dog as a holistic program for dogs.

Barrett treats dogs with joint or muscle pain, suffered some sort of injury, or that have recently undergone surgery.

She says it' also good for dogs that just need exercise.

The dogs swim in a customized, non-chlorine pool.

Barrett says the hydro-therapy can reduce an animal's pain and stress.

"Dogs that need it for their health benefits, I mean they can just get such a work out. I also rest the dog during the swim, and the benefits for them is they are getting the exercise they need, and it keeps them moving,” said Barrett.

And dog owners feel the program is great for their furry four-legged friends.

"Many dogs in America are overweight this is a great way to get a boost of exercise, more so than just a walk on the pavement, they can get out more energy in the pool, and actually lose more weight,” said Steve Kotowske, a dog owner and trainer.

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