"Turn Around Don't Drown"

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As the sun set Monday heavy rains continued across the Panhandle, making for dangerous road conditions.

"It's really difficult to drive in this weather. And then when you compound that with the fact that there's no light out, it's nightime, it makes it much more difficult," said Bay County Public Information Officer Valerie Sale.

Bay County officials urged residents to err on the side of caution and stay off the roads.

"If they have to go out, then please drive as slowly as possible especially on the dirt roads where a lot of water is being held right now," Sale told NewsChannel 7's Bryan Anderson.

Flood waters forced two partial road closures in Bay County Monday. A quarter mile section of West Veal Road off U.S. 231 was impassable. Rising water levels at South Bear Creek also closed the Ed Lee Road Bridge.

"Our guys have been out all weekend long working in this bad weather we've had. They've been working very hard to try and keep the roadways as clear as possible."

Risk it and you're risking your life. Depending on how fast you're going, a puddle could send you into a tailspin, and just two feet of water could float your car.

"If there's a roadway and they're not certain about the depth of it, the best thing is to turn around," said Sale.

With even more rain expected overnight, emergency crews warned more roads could flood and create a messy commute Tuesday morning.

"After the rain stops, you're still going to see problems from standing water."

To report flooded roads in Bay County call the emergency operations center at (850) 784-4000.

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