Door to Door Security Sales Scam

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office issued a warning today to the public concerning a scam currently being worked in Bay County. Its the door to door security system salesmen scam.

Thursday, two men and a woman approached a residence in Callaway saying they represented a security systems company and asked the resident if they could come in to talk to her about the their product.

The owner of the home declined and the woman and two men began asking questions about the property and any security systems that might already be installed.

The three did not have any official identification with the company they claimed to represent nor did they have any signs or paperwork from the company.

When the homeowner began to ask questions about the identity of the three, two of them responded in a rude manner, using vulgarity. One of the men then blocked the homeowner as she attempted to write down the tag number of the car the three were driving. She was able to see it was a white paper, temporary tag from the state of Tennessee before the three left the area.

Always ask for credentials and check them thoroughly. Important details to ask for are the locations of permanent offices and any telephone numbers that are landline numbers, not cell numbers. Mobile phone numbers are often pay as you go numbers that are impossible to trace.

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