Double Murder In Santa Rosa County

SANTA ROSA COUNTY-- A double murder occurred in Santa Rosa County on Saturday.

Sheriff's investigators said Thompson killed an East Milton couple sometime Saturday.

As Amber Southard told us, Thompson apparently did some electrical work for the victims prior to the murders.

Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Deputies said Sunday morning at 9 a.m. they responded to the home of Steven and Debra Zackowski after they had both been discovered dead from gun shot wounds.

"It's real shocking. You just don't expect something like that."

Buddy Bonifay said he was in his garden when he heard a man telling a neighbor what he had just discovered inside the Zackowski's home.

"I heard the commotion and heard what he was telling a neighbor what he found over there which was really disturbing," said victim's friend, Willie "Buddy" Bonifay.

Crime scene investigators quickly took over and a person of interest was named Derrick Thompson.

Rich Alloy from the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's office said, "He has some potential knowledge at what occurred at this situation, so at this point we just want to talk to him and get some information from him."

"So who is Derrick Thompson? And how do the Zackowski's know him? Well according to this police report he was hired to do some electrical work for them and then he stole from them."

According to the report on July 19, Steven Zackowski said he had a meeting with Derrick Thompson in his home. He told Thompson he wasn't pleased with electrical work.

At some point in the meeting Zackowski left the room and Thompson allegedly stole a key ring, cell phone and a prescription of Oxycodone.

On the key ring were keys to Zacowskies truck, house, safe and motorcycle.

The report stated deputies were unable to make contact with Thompson about this issue.

"I have seen him over there on more than one occasion. And in the last couple months I had seen his truck over there on several occasions."

Neighbors said the couple will be missed.

"I knew she would never be able to talk to me over the fence again and I'm going to miss that."

Thompson could be driving Allen Johnson's silver Toyota Tundra pickup truck, Florida license plate number VY105.